Bando 2022 | Life Beyond Life FF

LBLFF is an independent festival event open to Shorts, Medium and Feature Film, Documentaries, video arts, and Animation, thematising the terminal care, grief, transition, the visions of the Afterlife, Eternity, Immortality and Destiny; the Coincidences, the Divine, Angels and Demons, Karma and Darma, Samsãra, the Akashi Records, Entanglement, the Multiverse (parallel dimensions), Quantum Physics and Universal Energy. There will be even space for testimonials, narratives, bearing witness specially to the learnings of mediums, psychics and holistic operators, being both in continuos connection with the Afterlife and having had some experiences with it, as well as cinematographic products of great worth, having a significant social and spiritual value, where the message linked to Death will be Hope, Solidarity and Lightness.
Submitted films should be an original work of the contestant.
Films dealing with all before themes are allowed to the festival, with the only exception of advertising and pornographic, or themes in contravention of the provisions of the Italian law.
Films in any different language from English must be subtitled in English. Films in Italian are allowed not to have subtitles.

Art. 2 – The contestants, when submitting the film, guarantee that they have full rights to present it and engage themselves to hold harmless the Systemout Association for any fact linked to the possession or diffusion of content of the same under the conditions of the terms and rules of this document.
Films must be compulsorily submitted on the FilmFreeway online platform, and, if applicable, by the simultaneous festival fee payment.
The APS Artinmovimento has the right to exclude from the festival any film that is judged, at its sole discretion, not compliant with its ethical code or to the provisions of applicable law. In case of exclusion, the festival fee that has already been paid will not be reimbursed.

Art. 3 – A fee is required upon submission (for the fees please refer to the different dead lines profiled on FilmFreeway) Additional films can be submitted under the payment of an additional fee for each of them. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee. The payment of the festival’s submission fee implies the acceptance of the terms and rules defined here. These amounts are considered donations to APS Artinmovimento

Art. 4 – The films submitted to LBLFF will remain in the files of the APS Artinmovimento, which will not share them without previous agreement with the contestant and except to the provisions that are described in the Art. 5 and Art. 7 of the present document. The contestant’s personal information ( name, surname and email ) will be kept for 5 years and will managed in accordance with the rules defined European Law (UE 2016/679) concerning the privacy code, according to which the personal identification data will be processed only for the purposes indicated in this regulation. Each subject has the right to request in writing ( the correction, updating or cancellation of his / her personal data. The data controller is the APS Artinmovimento in the person of its legal representative Annunziato Gentiluomo PHD

By submitting a film to LBLFF , the contestant agrees to receive from the APS Artinmovimento information concerning the activities of the Association by email.

Art. 5 – By submitting a film to LBLFF, the contestant allows the APS Artinmovimento to make available to the public the submitted film data sheets. These ones are created when using the most relevant film characteristics that are communicated by the contestant during the submission of the film on the web platforms.
The above-mentioned film data sheets could also be available on the websites and social networks areas (pages and groups) managed by the Association.
In the case in which the Festival includes a public exhibition of the selected or awarded films, the contestant, when submitting the film, also grants the Association the free right to show it during the Festival events. In case of public projection, the contestant will provide the Association with additional film and personal information to comply with the administrative provisions in force. The contestant will communicate the above information by using a form that will be provided to him/her for the purpose.

Art. 6 – The Festival will attribute the winners of the Best Film
Other awards and distinctions will be attributed for:

    • Best Short Film
    • Best Feature Film
    • Best Documentary
    • Best Director
    • Best Actor
    • Best Actress
    • Best Editing
    • Best Music
    • Best Sound Designer
    • Best Cinematography
    • Best Screenplay

    The Juries can propose some Special Mentions.

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