Bando 2023 | PuntodiVista Film. Festival

1. The manifestations of the screenings and awards of the XVI Edition of the International Film Festival Competition "PUNTODIVISTAFILMFESTIVAL2023" will be held in Cagliari and in itinerant form in various municipalities of Sardinia in the months of November and December 2023 and include the screening of short films and commercials selected and reported by the Artistic Commission among all those received.

2. The Competition is reserved for unpublished (or published, but in any case free from transfer of copyright) shorts produced from 2021 onwards, in any language (provided that, for those not in Italian, there are subtitles in Italian , unless they are music videos).
A) section Short films (max 20 '): on an open topic, short films belonging to the genres of fiction, research and animation, from autobiographical stories to situation comedy, from thrillers to science fiction, from insane to dramatic, can take part in the competition.
B) For section spot. 3 'the theme is Social Cortospot (maximum duration of 3 min.)

3. A maximum of 2 works per author will be accepted. Registration includes a fee as a contribution to organization costs of € 10.00 per single work. Payment will be required upon registration.

4. Registration takes place by submitting your application on the online platforms recognized by PuntodiVistaFilmFestival: Filmfreeway: - Festhome:
ClickForFestivals: - Movibeta:
These platforms allow the author to upload their own short film allowing the organizing committee of the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival to view the work. The organization of the Festival Competition will send an e-mail notice to the author in the event of missing data in the documentation required for registration.
In case of no response to the integration of the documentation by 10 October 2023 even after the communication by the organization, the short film concerned will be excluded from the competition. The organization reserves the right to communicate any changes on the website and on the social networks of reference.

5. When registering the work, they must be sent by email to
- the registration form signed by the author that can be downloaded from the site (in the case of a minor, by the parents or whoever takes their place);
- any promotional material of the film (posters, playbills, flyers) (in light web format);
- the release form that can be downloaded from the site;
The registration form, which will be received without signature and without release, will lead to the exclusion of the work from the competition. All the material must be received by the deadline for the competition set for 10 October 2023;

6. The payment of the registration fee, as required by Article 3, is managed by the online platforms described in Article 4. The author of the work must follow the procedure provided for by the individual online portals. The organization is not responsible for any errors of the person who makes the registration and the related payment of the registration fee. The organization will not be required to return the registration fee in the event that the author, or whoever for him, registers the short film in more than one online platform or in the event that the author asks to collect his own. short film from the competition or there are irregularities in its entry. For production / distribution companies there is a special tariff which provides for a fee of € 35.00 for every 5 works presented - (to be requested, the details for payment via Paypal, to the organizers when registering online from the Festival Competition website ):

7. The selected and awarded authors will be notified by e-mail about the reception, the date and the location of the screening of the work.

8. The organizers assume no responsibility for theft, loss or damage. Furthermore, the authors remain responsible for the content of their work and guarantee that they own the rights to use the music contained therein, exempting the organizers of the Festival Competition from any civil or criminal liability in this regard.

9. Among all the works received, which meet the requirements described in point 2 of this announcement, those selected on the unquestionable judgment of the jury, will be screened during the days of the Festival, compatibly with the timing of the programming.

10. On the judgment of the jury, the works to which the prizes will be awarded will be chosen. The jury will also be able to confer any special mentions.

11. The prizes must be collected personally by the author or his / her delegate (exclusively part of the cast of the work presented) at the time of the award ceremony (the organization will provide hospitality) therefore failure to participate will result in the loss of the prizes themselves. ;

12. Among the films in competition, some works will be selected that will be included in a collection to be distributed for promotional purposes at the Circoli of the Italian Union of Cinema Circles (UICC). The organization reserves the right to use the works sent for projections of an informative, promotional, educational and cultural nature, without any profit, subject to express authorization signed in the release form contained at the bottom of the entry form by the authors and / or who owns the rights of the film.

13. The signing of the registration form implies unconditional acceptance of this announcement. By accepting the announcement, you authorize the organization to process your personal data for purposes related exclusively to the competition and in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. Registration for the competition implies acceptance of the regulation in all its parts, the authorization for public viewing for which the author will not receive fees or rights of any kind and for any reason, and the accuracy of all the information requested. .

By registering the short film (s) in the PuntodiVistaFilmFestival 2023, the lawfulness of the work is guaranteed for the purposes of screening at the Festival Competition and all legal liability is accepted in relation to the resulting intellectual property. The participant and all producers in connection with the project undertake to safeguard and hold harmless Il PuntodiVistaFilmFestival and Art'In Ass. Cult. and any representative or affiliate from claims, damages, losses and expenses (including not only legal and court costs), attributable to any claim of copyright, registered trademarks, acknowledgments, advertising, screening and damages or losses of the films presented. The organizing committee reserves the right to screen out of competition also some works that have not passed the pre-selection. The short films not selected in this edition could be part of collateral initiatives to the festival (for example PuntodiVistaFilmFestival retrospectives from 2024); The submitted works will become part of the festival archive and can be used for cultural purposes in events related to the festival, as well as in all the reviews of the sector with which PuntodiVistaFilmFestival has and will have collaborative relationships.