Bando 2023 | Dolomiti Film Festival

It' s an International Mountain and Environment Film Festival.
The event is dedicated to young people and is located in one of the most representative places of the naturalistic richness of our country, but also emblem of the fragility of ecosystems and the effects of climate change in recent years.

In the shadow of the Dolomites, unique mountains declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we will offer the public screenings of short films and documentaries aimed at the promotion of mountain culture and outdoor activities.

For this edition there will be three awards:
- best sport documentary
- best documentary on mountain environment
- special jury award

Art. 1 - The competitions are open to all Italian and foreign producers (companies, associations and private individuals).
Art. 2 - Only documentaries under 60 minutes can participate in the Festival.
Art. 3 - The works must relate exclusively to the themes of the Dolomiti Film Festival:
- Mountain, intended both as environment, tradition and culture, ecological and environmental themes linked to the mountain habitat and natural environments in general.
- Sport activities: mountaineering, climbing, trekking, with emphasis on inclusiveness, sustainability and reflection on mountain sports.
Art. 4 - All works must be subtitled in English and preferably in Italian. An srt file is required.
Art. 5 - Participation in the competitions is 5 € for early bird subscriptions, 10 € for regular deadline subscriptions.
Art. 6 - Prizes: awards and plaques.
Art. 7 - Prizes are awarded during the Festival final evening.
Art. 8 - Films submitted to the competition must have been produced after 1st january 2020.
Art. 9 - The selection of the winners and any special mentions is at the sole discretion of the Jury.
Art. 10 - Documents and materials to be sent to :
- Logline
- Synopsis maximum 500 characters (spaces included).
- At least 5 photographs of the film in digital format (maximum weight 5 MB, 300 DPI);
- Link to download the trailer directly
- Link to download the film directly.
Art. 11 - The author authorises the publication of his data and the materials submitted on the website of “Dolomiti Film Festival” and on communication materials. He also authorises the screening and distribution (TV, radio, web) of parts of the film for promotional purposes.
Art. 12 - The registration of one's work at the Dolomiti Film Festival authorises the Organising Committee to broadcast the work in live streaming exclusively during the days of the event
Art. 13 - Participation in the Dolomiti Film Festival implies full acceptance of the Regulations.
Art. 14 - In the event of disputes not covered by these Regulations, the Organising Committee shall be competent.